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About Audi R8

Audi R8 is a 2-seater, mid-engine sports car using the Quattro trademark and all-wheel drive system. Along with a powerful 560 HP V10 engine, it features a fast dual-clutch automatic transmission and acceleration covering approximately 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds with a top speed up to 330 km/h. The Aluminum Space Frame construction has a driver-focused Monoposto interior design, including a gate six-speed manual transmission option and 24-LED DRL signature headlights. This sleek & lightweight structure, combined with its performance-handling capabilities structure, delivers a thrilling driving experience.

If you want to personalize your car's visual appeal and stability, then explore Vorteq Carbon’s exclusively designed Audi R8 Carbon fiber aftermarket parts. Known for their heat resistance, lightweight, high strength, heat, and corrosion resistant quality, these aftermarket accessories can improve the overall performance and looks of the Audi R8.

So, explore Vorteq Carbon's collection and find the perfect addition to your Audi R8!

Discover Carbon Fiber Parts, Aftermarket Accessories, & Mods For Audi R8

Vorteq Carbon features Audi R8 carbon fiber parts, accessories, and mods for performance and aesthetic enhancement. Have a look at our wide range of products that can add a touch of exclusivity to your Audi R8:

  • Canards

  • Front Lips

  • Rear Diffusers

  • Side Skirts

  • Vents

  • Wings

Why Should I Choose Vorteq Carbon For My Audi R8

We prioritize customer service, aiming for 100% customer satisfaction through the following ways:

Fitment Guarantee 

Vorteq Carbon provides a fitment guarantee on every aftermarket part, which allows you to invest in our Audi R8 carbon fibre parts confidently. Our professional team conducts quality inspections before selling the aftermarket car parts. In case of any dissatisfaction regarding the quality of these parts, we provide you with a cost-free return or replacement option only if those parts were installed by experts. 

Convenient Shipping

At Vorteq Carbon, you can expect convenient shipping for made-to-order products within 7 days, while it takes 30 days for customized products to be shipped after quality assurance. With us, you can even make changes to your orders, but you must ensure to do them as soon as possible for a better experience. Besides this, we also offer international shipping, continuous assistance and accessible communication channels ( email or phone) where you can contact us in case of any query.

Use of Premium Material

We use premium carbon fiber components to achieve aerodynamic efficiency and a sporty look. With its robust and lightweight properties, our carbon fiber aftermarket accessories and modification parts are the ideal choice for constructing your personalized design.

Apart from the Audi R8 carbon fiber aftermarket parts, Vorteq Carbon also features carbon fiber parts and accessories of other models, including the Audi A3, Audi A4, and Audi A5. So hurry and grab the best deal! 


What are the benefits of using carbon fiber parts for Audi R8 vehicles?

The benefits of using carbon fiber parts for Audi R8 vehicles include reduced weight for improved performance, high strength, and visually aesthetic display.

What unique carbon fiber parts are available specifically for the Audi R8?

Canards, Front Lips, Rear Diffusers, Side Skirts, Vents, and Wings are the unique carbon fiber parts available specifically for the Audi R8.

How can aftermarket accessories enhance the performance capabilities of the Audi R8?

Aftermarket accessories can enhance aerodynamics, reduce weight, and improve the overall handling of the Audi R8 by upgrading exhaust systems, suspension kits, and performance tuning chips. They can also support the car's responsiveness, power, and torque. 

Can owners easily install carbon fiber parts on their Audi R8 without professional assistance?

Installing carbon fiber parts on the Audi R8 with professional assistance is advisable to avoid any damage to your car.