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About Honda Accord 10th Gen

Personalize Your Honda Accord 10th Gen with the best carbon fiber parts and accessories at Vorteq Carbon. These aftermarket Honda Accord parts can help you improve the aesthetic appeal, handling, aerodynamics, and stability of your luxurious Honda Accord. 

The Honda Accord 10th Gen, commonly known for its four-door sedan variant, has a premium design including wing-shaped headlights and 18-inch noise-reducing alloy wheels responsible for its stylish appeal. Its 1.5 VTEC turbo engine creates a power output of around 190PS at 5500 rpm while using an Eco assist system and continuously variable transmission (CVT) with 243 Nm of torque for fuel-efficient driving. This Accord includes Honda sensing and safety features like adaptive cruise control, road departure mitigation, a straight driving assist, etc. This is equipped with the latest technology like an 8-inch Display Audio system with navigation, a 7-inch Thin Film Transistor, Speed Sensing Door Lock, etc., for better functionality and handling. 

If you are looking to further enhance the look and performance of your car, then Vorteq Carbon is your ideal platform. We have just the perfect carbon fiber accessories designed to fit your Accord precisely and uplift its look.

So, explore our Honda Accord aftermarket parts at Vorteq Carbon and see what suits your car!

Discover Carbon Fiber Parts, Aftermarket Accessories, & Mods For Honda Accord 10th Gen

Upgrade your Honda Accord 10th Gen with the following carbon fiber parts, aftermarket accessories, and mods to acquire the precise fit, high-quality performance, and handling, enhancing its dynamic appeal:

  • Front Lips

  • Rear diffusers 

  • Trunk spoilers

  • Vents

Besides Honda Accord 10th Gen aftermath parts, our collection also includes carbon parts and accessories for the Honda Civic Sedan 11th Gen Civic. Check them out now!

Why Should You Choose Vorteq Carbon For Your Honda Accord 10th Gen?

Assured Fitment Guarantee

Shop our Honda accord accessories without any worries, as it is backed with a fitment guarantee. At Vorteq Carbon, all carbon fiber products undergo a rigorous quality inspection to ensure seamless installation before they reach our clients. 

Premium Carbon Fibre Material

We use robust carbon fiber material, which is known for its temperature-resistant quality, durability, lightweight, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion-resistant quality, and versatility, complimenting the quality standards of your Honda Accord 10th Gen. This material is also fatigue-resistant which means that it can endure the continuous stress cycles without experiencing any degradation in its structural properties which is why we use this material to deliver unmatched quality products to you.


At Vorteq Carbon, we share the same passion for modifying the car as you which is why we provide you with the customization option. Through it, we try to convert your creative vision into reality. 

Hassle-free Shipping Experience

We provide you with a fast and hassle-free shipping experience where all the products except the custom goods are shipped out within one week while offering free shipping to customers in the lower forty-eight US states. We are also partners with Route to ensure package protection against any king of damage or loss. 

Efficient Customer Support

We ensure continuous and efficient customer support in case of any query, as our professional team is always present to help you. So, contact us at 408-669-0621 or at for quick assistance. 


What are the benefits of using carbon fiber parts for the Honda Accord 10th Gen?

The enhanced visual display, improved aerodynamics, weight reduction, high strength, and durability are some of the benefits of using carbon fiber parts for the Honda Accord 10th Gen.

Can aftermarket accessories enhance the style and aesthetics of my Honda Accord 10th Gen?

Yes, the aftermarket accessories can enhance the style and aesthetics of your Honda Accord 10th Gen.

What modifications are available to improve the performance of my Honda Accord 10th Gen?

The old air intakes, performance exhaust systems, ECU tuning, suspension upgrades, and brake enhancements are some of the modifications available to improve the performance of my Honda Accord 10th Gen.

How do carbon fiber parts for the Honda Accord 10th Gen affect the vehicle's overall weight and performance?

The lightweight carbon fiber parts reduce the overall weight and enhance the performance of the Honda Accord 10th Gen.

What are some popular aftermarket aerodynamic enhancements for the Honda Accord 10th Gen?

Front Lips, Rear diffusers, Trunk spoilers, and Vents are popular aftermarket aerodynamic enhancements for the Honda Accord 10th Gen.